“Carl Schmitt: Derecho, política y grandes espacios” (2008) – an outstanding book edited by J. Molina and J. Giraldo

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It is one of my favorite Spanish books on Carl Schmitt and his theory of Großraum and international relations. The book translation in English would be “Law, politics, and Großraum”  (2008). It was published in Colombia. One of the fascinating things about it is that there are authors from Europe and Latin America. Both of them are discussing Schmitt’s ideas as a way to understand the Latin American politics. Besides, in this volume participates renowned Schmitt scholars such as Alain de Benoist (France) and Jeronimo Molina Cano (Spain). They are some of the most prominent researchers in the Schmitt’s theory of international law. I love the cover of the book because it commemorates the Rendición de Breda (1634-1635) by Diego Velásquez. This picture is according with the main argument of the book: Schmitt is not only a theorist of the war but a scholar of international political peace. This book is a must reading for Latin American scholars.

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