Geopolitics. Criticism and Actuality of the Nomos of the Earth by Carl Schmitt

Christian Wevelsiep


In the centre of this essay stands the original question of Carl Schmitt’s work, namely how the separate spheres of the order and the area of the Chaotic relate to each other. It should be asked for concepts which seem adequate for a critical consideration of the political fighting zones, for those zones which are in the state of exception. These criteria can be described along the following arguments. First the Nomos of the Earth is presented in the light of its original context. Objectionable ideas of the hostility, the victim and death for a “community” have to be reflected. Finally, the aim is to find a description which has its foundation beyond hegemonic and teleological thinking.

Keywords hegemony, world order, eurocentric order, state of exception, exclusion, history of
international law, history of politics, benevolent empires, state monopoly.

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