Roberto Navarrete Alonso. Los tiempos del poder. Franz Rosenzweig y Carl Schmitt

Enrico Lucca


Roberto Navarrete’s book presents a quite unexplored comparative survey of Carl Schmitt’s and Franz Rosenzweig’s views on political theology. The book does not aim to investigate the possibility of a direct relation between the two thinkers, which never existed or at least cannot be proved. The only time when Schmitt directly referred to Rosenzweig—in a 1948 note included in Glossarium (1991), he actually misinterpreted Rosenzweig’s own specificity by deeming it typical of a certain Jewish liberal tradition. To be sure, thinkers such as Leo Strauss and Walter Benjamin found great inspiration in Rosenzweig’s thought, and thus Rosenzweig may be regarded to a certain extent as a hidden source for their critique of Schmitt’s political theory.

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